My Son

I know this isn’t totally baseball related, but I have to do this.

His name is Robbie.  He was born on the 15th of December (sorry it took so long to post). 

We are very blessed to have him.  Life is simply amazing.

He is healthy and happy.  Mom and dad are very tired…



I really want to talk a little bit about the possiblity of the Rays adding Manny and Johnny, but right now fatigue is taking over. 

Thanks to all who sent a note of congrats and concern.  It means a great deal. 

It’s funny, but somehow baseball has taken on even more meaning!  I look forward to his first Rays game this summer…

How old do they have to be before they can start swinging a bat!?  Ha!


Congrats!! He looks like a power hitting First baseman.😉

Congrats man! What a blessing!

Aww … glad to hear he’s healthy and mom and dad are doing OK. Congrats!

Congrats on your little miracle. I wish him health and happiness. His first ball game will be a great day, I’m sure. It won’t take him long to start swinging the bat.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Nice work, congrats.

Too Cute…. when a miracle like that happens it kind of makes you realize baseball really is just a game…

Happy fatherhood…


Phillies Outside

Congrats on your new addition to the world and your family. May Robbie live healthy and happy!

– Randy

WOW!!! Congratulations! And who are we all kidding? His wife did the hard part!! Let’s give a round of applause to her! Enjoy it buddy! Rest when you can. They are only this small once and it doesn’t last very long. Soak it in; the next thing you’ll hear is for the keys to the car “Dad”.
All wishes for health and happiness!

Congrats!! He is way too cute.

He is a d o r a b l e ! !!
Agree with Russel that he looks like a hitting first baseman.


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